disable the Bixby key on Galaxy S8

How to Turn Off the Bixby Button on Galaxy S8

disable the Bixby key on Galaxy S8
disable the Bixby key on Galaxy S8

If you are a Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 Plus or Galaxy Note 8 owner, then probably the most irritating reasons for your phone just been addressed by Samsung: you are able to turn off the physical Bixby button quietly.

Sadly, if you choose to make use of the official method from Samsung below to show from the feature, you’ll have only the option of deactivating the button or departing it’s – there is no method to change exactly what the Bixby button does altogether.

Early versions from the Samsung Galaxy S8 pair permitted users to re-map the important thing to do other functions, however that function was removed because Samsung desired to make certain users got the ‘full Bixby effect’, and thus ensured the button could only be employed to launch it’s good assistant.

However, it’s obvious that Bixby is not as desirable as Samsung once thought – and the bottom line is ready where it easily could be hit – so the organization makes it easy to take away the functionality. Whether this is a precursor to enabling re-mapping again later on remains seen.

How to disable the Samsung Bixby button

Before we start: this process works best for the Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 Plus and Note 8, so that you can disable the important thing on any Bixby-enabled phone.

To show from the Bixby button, you will need as well up Bixby itself. Ironically, the simplest way to get this done is to press the Bixby button around the left-hands side from the phone.

In case your phone’s software programs are current, you will see the toggle to show from the feature towards the top of the Bixby homepage. Otherwise, you will need to mind in to the Galaxy App store in your phone to push the update through.

turn off the Bixby key on Galaxy S8
turn off the Bixby key on Galaxy S8

If you are current and you may disable the feature, you will see the screen above towards the top of your Bixby Home page. It is then just rather simple of tapping around the toggle the thing is above.

You may then be welcomed with a pop-up that asks whether you need to turn the feature off permanently, and here you will want to choose the option that reads ‘Don’t open anything’.

Up to now we have seen this update land in the United Kingdom, but it might arrive at other territories in the future. Make sure to return to find out if it’s arrived later if it’s not already there for you personally.

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