Tor Browser Review-Protect Your Privacy Online

Tor Browser reviewTor Browser hides your activity and placement online by routing all of your going through multiple anonymous servers, therefore concealing where you stand and which makes it hard (although not impossible) to recognize who’s doing what online. Which means it’s a great way to access websites that repressive government bodies don’t want individuals to see, for whistleblowers to report corruption and criminal activity without getting fired or worse and also to connect to the deep web.

The deep web is definitely an internet inside the internet, not listed in search engines like Google, and sites ending using the .onion suffix and may simply be utilized via Tor. As you’d expect, a number of individuals sites are secret for perfectly reasons – they’re discussing information which someone, somewhere doesn’t want shared – but other medication is secret because they’re fantastically illegal. Browse at the peril and don’t forget that Tor Browser causes it to be difficult to find you, but doesn’t offer 100% unbreakable anonymity. Actually, simply using Tor may flag you like a person worth watching, and it is banned on the majority of public systems.

There are many legitimate uses though, and not simply if you’re a political activist. Tor can provide you with access to the internet whenever your internet provider’s DNS servers are kaput, also it can keep the browsing free of the advertising trackers that invade a lot of sites.

User experience with Tor Browser


  • Effective anti-surveillance tool
  • Can unblock censored websites
  • Easy to use


  • Slow browsing
  • May attract undesirable attention

Tor Browser appears like Firefox and works like Firefox – since it is Firefox. It’s a lot slower, though: onion routing makes your whole traffic move about even more than inside a regular browser, which slows things lower significantly.

It’s vital that you understand that Tor can’t safeguard you against dangerous behaviors, so for instance should you run plugins within the browser they might affect Tor’s capability to safeguard your privacy. It’s imperative that you don’t submit information to websites that don’t display a blue or eco-friendly button within the browser address bar to point a safe and secure https connection, for instance.

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