Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Top Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Tips and Tricks

Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Samsung Galaxy Note 8

When you get your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and you are performing around with each and every new feature as rapidly as you possibly can. You might not know every shortcut and trick available for that new phone though.

Using the S Pen stylus and probably the most current software in the world, the Galaxy Note 8 is really a feature-packed phone, but a few of the highlights could be hidden underneath the surface.

Here we’re likely to talk you thru a few of the key tips and methods you have to learn how to take full advantage of your brand-new Samsung phablet.

1. You’re able to use Bixby

As you’re utilizing a recent Samsung phone, similar to the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, you should use Bixby. That’s Samsung’s own voice assistant technology that actually works similarly to Siri on Apple products and Google Assistant of all Android devices.

It’s worth giving Bixby a go as it can certainly take control of your music, offer you your health and perform a quantity of other activities. There’s even something known as Bixby Vision, which enables you to definitely take photos of what you could see and also have Bixby identify it whether it’s a landmark, translate it whether it’s text or track it lower whether it’s an item.

This is particularly helpful when you are on vacation and you’re searching in a tourist attraction but need that extra bit of information, but be cautioned it might not always work.

2. You may also switch off that annoying button

As great as Bixby is, there is a button along the side of the telephone that opens the portal which could possibly get quite irritating whenever you accidentally press it. Samsung has begun to know that does not everybody really want to make use of this feature; therefore it now enables you to definitely turn the Bixby button off.

3. Screen off note-taking
Screen off note-taking
Screen off note-taking

Having the ability to take notes is among the greatest together with your Galaxy Note 8 and it is S Pen stylus, but we frequently find ourselves noting lower things in a rush with little time for you to unlock our phone and boot up a particular note-taking application.

Fortunately Samsung has ready for this issue using the Galaxy Note 8, because the phone supports screen off note-taking, enabling you to scribble lower in your display without turning it on correctly.

It’s smart and is effective, so that you can just come out your S Pen as the screen is off and begin scribbling without getting to look using your apps.

4. The screen is restricted to Full HD automatically

Wish to take full advantage of your screen around the Galaxy Note 8? You might not know, but Samsung has limited it to Full HD resolution automatically despite it packing a QHD panel.

If you wish to make use of your display at full power, you are able to mind in to the settings, press display and you may change it out to QHD under screen resolution. That’s a good decision if you are likely to be by using this a great deal for virtual reality.

Be cautioned this would push your battery a bit harder, so you’ll think it is dies off just a little earlier within the day than should you left it on Full HD.

5. Waterproof S Pen
Galaxy Note 8 Waterproof S Pen
Galaxy Note 8 Waterproof S Pen

You likely be aware of Galaxy Note 8 is really a waterproof phone, but do you know can continue to make use of the S Pen stylus when it’s covered in water? This means you are able to take notes and scroll round the phone even if it’s dripping wet.

We don’t normally find much use with this, however it entails you may still make use of the S Pen when it’s raining and also you won’t need to bother about having your stylus just a little saturated.

6. Samsung Dex works together with it

Samsung Dex is really a pier will connect your phone up to and including monitor having a mouse and keyboard and employ it like a productivity device.

It really works well, as possible possess the docking station permanently in your desk plus a monitor, mouse and keyboard, then just slide your phone in when you really need to.

It will not be considered a helpful tool for everyone, but it is a good way to create your Note 8’s screen a great deal larger.

7. Greater translating services

Should you place text inside a language, you should use the S Pen to focus on it as well as your phone will display its best translation inside your selected language. It is a smart feature, but just like any converting tech it may sometimes misinterpret a few of the sentences.

8. Use two apps at the same time
Use two apps at once
Use two apps at once

The Note 8’s 6.3-inch screen causes it to be among the best phones for multi-tasking, especially as possible use Android’s split screen view here.

It’s an easy process too. You will need to hit the ‘Recents’ button around the soft keys at the end from the screen, which you might termed as the presently running application menu.

You can now tap the multitasking tab in your already open apps (it’s the one which appears like two rectangles atop one another) and it’ll open these questions compressed half screen view. You’ll be able to drag the road together to re-size the apps.

9. You are able to re-order the toggles within the notification shade

Can’t stand an order from the toggles within the notification shade whenever you take it lower from the top screen? You may choose your personal order so that you can place your most-used features in to the first screen from the shade.

To get this done, pull your finger lower from the top screen to spread out in the notification shade. Then you will want to press around the cog within the top right and press ‘button order’. This can then permit you to switch in the order.

10. Improve the caliber of your audio with the ‘hearing test’

Mind in to the Sound and Vibration menu within Settings and you will find a choice known as ‘Adapt Sound’, where one can have a hearing test created by Samsung to personalize the audio you hear on the telephone.

You’ll have a number of beeps for that initial area of the make sure then asks what ear you’d rather hear your telephone calls in. Next, you need to find audio much better when you have the ‘Adapt Sound’ feature switched on.

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