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The Top 10 PDF Editing Tools


top PDF editor
top PDF editor

PDF format has revolutionized the sharing of documents/files in the most efficient, compact and effective way-without a margin for hassles.

They’re equipped with quality retention capability; which allows the users to receive the respective files without compromising in the quality, which are apparently get shared through multiple the platforms and media.

The PDF files are interactive too! They can be easily edited partially/fully by its peers.

PDF format is universally considered as a resource hog, due to its compatibility, efficiency and user friendly experience provided over the long span of 20 years.

Hence, as the popularity keeps growing immensely around the PDF file formats, the demand to edit/create such files have been an increasing desirability to be fulfilled by the software developers though!

Therefore, having access to a reliable PDF Editor is the need of the hour, as it assists users to make annotations, add pictures, export files and documents, etc. desiring a significant amount of easiness.

We’ve brought the Top10 PDF EDITORS (TOOLS) around the market to endure full reliability and user satisfaction experience.

They (Tools) include compatibility on Windows and Mac OS platforms and come with free/trial/pay categories.

1.iSkySoft PDF editor
iSkysoft PDF editor
iSkysoft PDF editor

A Streamlined and Features-laden PDF editor which has been exclusively build for only Mac users, iSkysoft PDF editor has been critically acclaimed due to its Fluidic interface and user friendliness (much like the Mac OS)

This software’s standard version allows simple conversion of PDF to Word format equipped with basic editing tools for the beginners

Users can annotate PDF’s quickly and safely, whilst editing the layout of the document by adding, removing, flipping the pages.

They can fill out PDF forms from the PC’s-without any need for printing and scanning.

But the awesomeness of the software arrives with the purchase of PRO package!

Users can secure the PDF files using Advanced Password Protection; Conversion to different formats, OCR technology which ensures greater accuracy stamp addition and signatures for over 20 languages (mind-boggling!)

Availability: $50

Operating platform: Mac OS X

2.Foxit Phantom 7 PDF Editor
Foxit Phantom 7 PDF Editor
Foxit Phantom 7 PDF Editor

Despite having freemium software available around the market, it is quite is undesirable to include paid PDF editors in this list.

But freemium alternatives don’t allows access for built-in advanced software tools such as merging advanced annotations, expanded font selections, customizable editing, etc.

Hence, keeping in mind the robust capability and features of paid software, Foxit Phantom 7 PDF Editor clearly out-wins the others and tops the list. This software is clearly made for the Ardent PDF geeks.

It is well combined tool comprising of easy paragraph edition, spell checking tool, Photo drag/drop tool, album creation, etc. just within a basic Fluidic interface.

It also includes advanced options such as T + tool, document tracking, annotations, colored text inclusion, etc.

Using this program, users can merge multiple PDF files into 1 compact document.

This software undoubtedly is an exceptional stand out performer.

It is one of the most affordable premium offerings around the market, Hence a huge benefactor in its court.


  • Free trial: 30 days
  • Premium: $90+

Operating Platform: Windows

3.Nitro Pro 10
Nitro Pro 10
Nitro Pro 10

This software is intended for all types of uses; including personal, business, academic, etc.-though it is exclusively built for the heavy workload.

Its exceptional flexibility assists users for conversion of PDF files to Word, Excel, PowerPoint formats and vice versa!

It has a fluidic suite comprising of editing tools such as: scanned paper/documents creation and addition from your local printer, email conversion of attachments directly into PDF, Merging and previewing PDF documents into one single file, etc.

This software supplies necessary tools for addition and sharing documents using any web browser with respect of a digital signature. It is very straightforward and user-friendly software which is convincingly easy to navigate through.


  • Free trial: 2 week
  • Premium: $160

Operating Platform: Windows

4.PDF architect

PDF architect is a German company-based modular program, which is available in a free downloadable fashion and Individual packages for specific functionality; The latter package includes 3 separate packages comprising of Standard, Pro and Pro + OCR.

Each package includes a different set of exceptional modules for this particular program. They are available for individually for easy customized purchasing.

This PDF converter rank TOP in the FREE downloadable PDF editing tools; Why? But due to its most complete & inclusive PDF tools equipped in it.

PDF architect includes an exceptional feature of Optical Character Recognition and Conversion Ability PDF to HTML


  • Free version
  • Premium/Pro version: $60+

Operating platform: Windows

5.Nuance power PDF standard

Nuance PDF editor is a winner in many ways as its phenomenal rate of efficient conversion is appreciable to the highest extent by the critics as well as users alike.

For amateur users / beginners, this particular software provides users the option to download the software online or through a physical disk.

It has an outstanding compatibility and document access availability through-various cloud services (which includes Sky drive and Google Drive).

This software has the outstanding ability to construct interactive PDF in nearly any windows application; acting worthwhile in its benefits of software popularity.

Voice controlled note taking, side-by-side document comparison, advanced functions of search options, specific content location, etc. are some of its equipped features which are highlighted by real-time collaboration using multi user editing.

Nuance Power PDF editor provides users the ability to auto fills forms with secured password protection for specific important files-which has added a significant benchmark of privacy and security in the PDF editing software round the market.

Availability: $70

Operating platform: Windows

6.Adobe acrobat Pro DC

Adobe acrobat Pro DC was bound to be in this list as its developer Adobe has first brought this path-breaking format more than 20 years ago.

Promisingly, Adobe acrobat Pro DC has set the industry benchmark standard for PDF editing purposes. This tool is the compilation of all the hallmarks of other programs and that’s effortlessly agreed by many critics/users too.

It is fully functional and compatible with Smartphone too and due to its ability to convert PDF file to multiple HTML pages, it surely has been appreciated warmly by the users of this software.

It can convert and save scanned documents into PDF in a very swift fashion. It has the ability to merge multiple documents into one; it also allows addition of spreadsheets, web pages and many much more such desirable tools.

Adobe offers exclusive cloud space storage and document access through embedded with the security features of password protection redaction of private information.


  • $450
  • $15 per month

Operating system

  • Windows
  • Mac OS X
7.PDFESCAPE’s Inkscape

This is an uncommon application which includes Open Source Vector Graphics editing option for Windows, Mac OS X and LINUX! Hats off to the compatibility options provided herein.

Build exclusively for designers and Illustrators; Inkscape is quite similar to the Adobe Illustrator and Corel DRAW.

It offers users to edit PDF files providing a range of color choices; export options; addition of customized text/images, etc. in a hassle-free fashion.

With this software tool set, it has been keen in offering the best editing program components. Its usability and features has paved the way for its immense popularity into the market.

Availability: Free


  • Windows
  • Mac OS X
  • Linux
8.PDF XChange viewer

It has been equipped with the avid addition tools-which provide the ability to the users to highlight specific sections of the PDF, Perform Call out Activities, Toolbar customization, Tooltip Functions for prevention of potential disasters, etc.

Other built-in awesome features include: Zooming-in, measuring, linking, etc. But are the exclusively part of this PREMIUM offering.

It does provide the users for MORE that they pay for!

Availability: Free

Operating platform: Windows

9.Cisdem PDF converter OCR

The stool comes with OCR Technology, which can convert any native PDF (either scanned, encrypted PDF’s, Image files, etc.) into editable and searchable Word, Text, Excel Files, etc.

The end/output file formats include PPT, BMP, PNG, TIFF, GIF) HTML.

The most important feature in Cisdem PDF Editor Tool is the ‘100% Quality Retention’.

It includes the Multiple-Option Output Formats and 100% quality retention/maintenance of original layouts and also has been optimized by fixing some minor bugs.


  • Free: 30 Days
  • Premium: $49.99

Operating system: Mac OS X


This tool/software is primarily a ‘Word Processor; hence doesn’t have many of the advanced features which are desirable for the Professional PDF editors that attract the users.

Significant omissions include the ability to edit/create fill-able forms, digital signatures and ID certificates, facilities for group users/peers to collaboratively review/comment on a document file.

AbleWord can import PDF files & export Ms-Word documents promisingly.

AbleWord isn’t as feature packed as MS-Word but definitely more capable than WordPad.

The Quality retention is par and is handy for fast conversions of PDF’s.

Availability: Free

Operating System: Windows XP and above

Sr. No. Tool Name Free version Premium version
1. Foxit Phantom 7 PDF Editor Yes $90+
2. Nitro Pro 10 Yes $160
3. PDF architect Yes $60+
4. Nuance power PDF standard No $70
5. iSkySoft PDF editor No $50+
6. Adobe acrobat Pro DC No $450 or $15/month
7. PDFESCAPE’s Inkscape Yes No
8. Cisdem PDF converter OCR Yes $49.99
9. PDF XChange viewer Yes No
10. AbleWord Yes No


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