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how to find song name youtube video 6

How to Find the Song’s Name Used in a YouTube Video

You’ve just finished watching a relevant video on YouTube and extremely loved the song which was playing on that video. Regrettably, you couldn’t recognize the specific song and also the video description doesn’t have...


How to Shut Down and Restart Windows 10

This article presents four commonly-used and quick ways to shut down and restart Windows 10 computer in detail. 4 quick ways to Shut Down and Restart Windows 10:   #1: Shut down or Restart...

Android O 1

How to Download Google Android O Right Now

Google released many technologies and updates for their hardware, and software in the I/O developers conference lately. But, when the world was looking forward to anything, Android O could be on the top from...


How to Recover Files from Windows 10 with File History

#1.Enable File History Automatically, File History is switched off, so open the beginning menu and click on ‘Settings’. Select ‘Update & security’ and select ‘Backup’. Then click ‘Add a drive’ to select which exterior...

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