Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7

Samsung Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7 :Which smartphone should you choose?

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is officially the perfect smartphone on the market,but how would it compared to Apple’s latest handset?
Samsung Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7: Apple and Samsung are facing off just as before, but which mobile giant has produced the higher quality phone this time? Here we will compare the Galaxy S8 and iPhone 7 design, Screen ,battery,camera,OS and price to help you choose how to spend your money.

 Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7


The Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with a glass back as well as a metal frame, with the glass on both sides gently bending, to provide it a symmetrical look and making it comfortable to hold in the hand.

The iPhone 7 has got a quite different but similarly premium design, which includes a metal unibody that’s slim and compact at 138.3 x 67.1 x 7.1mm, with regards to Galaxy S8 is 148.9 x 68.1 x 8mm.

Which makes the iPhone 7 considerably smaller compared to the Galaxy S8, however it’s still as easy to hold in the hand and use one-handed as the device from Apple.

samsung s8

However, the iPhone 7 is definitely the smaller sized phone. It’s also one of many best-looking phones around – while the Galaxy S8 is likewise in that category.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 also is IP68 certified, which makes it a little more water-resistant than the IP67 certified iPhone 7.

As well the Samsung Galaxy S8 has a 3.5 mm headphone jack so that you can use wired headsets with the phone. You will not get that with an iPhone 7.

 iphone 7


The display highlights of these two devices will probably be of amazing quality, both having 4K display with resolution of 4096 x 2160. The screen size of the iPhone 7S is going to be 5.1 inches while that of the Samsung Galaxy S8 would be 5.2 inches. It may also be possible to see the edge screen technology with the Galaxy S8.


The Samsung Galaxy S8 features a 3,000 mAh battery. That might make it a lot bigger than the iPhone 7’s 1,960 mAh battery, and then the Samsung Galaxy S8 is actually a much bigger phone which has a high resolution screen, therefore it needs more juice.

We can’t predict exactly how long-lasting it would be, while the iPhone 7 needs a daily charge, and in some cases doesn’t even make it through until bedtime, therefore the Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with a good chance of going further daily.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is as well supports fast charging. The iPhone 7 could also charge quickly, as long as you plug it in to a 2.1A iPad charger, rather than the plug that comes with the phone.

samsung galaxy s8 battery


These two devices will have superb cameras which will capture the very best of images in all of the lighting conditions. A few of the shared camera features includes optical image stabilization, geo-tagging and facial recognition. The iPhone 7S features a 24 MP primary camera with 7 MP for the front camera. Samsung Galaxy S8 however may have 30 MP for the rear camera and 9 MP for the front camera.

samsung s8 vs iphone 7 camera


The OS is where the battle lines are drawn between both of these phones, with the Samsung Galaxy S8 running Android Nougat as well as iPhone 7 working with iOS 10.3.

Both phones are tremendously powerful though.We all know for sure that the iPhone 7 is the most grunt-worthy handset from Apple yet, with its Apple A10 Fusion chip and 2GB of RAM.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is confirmed to ship with 4GB of RAM, while we have no idea exactly what the processors are yet but it’s rumored to be either a Snapdragon 835 chipset (in the US) or an Exynos 8895 one (in the majority of other places).

Those are both top-end chips, so that we expect silky smooth performance in both and maybe Samsung to at least match the iPhone in terms of screen response under the finger.


The Samsung Galaxy S8 costs much more than the iPhone 7, being released at a new high of $729 in the US, £689 in the UK and AU$1,199 in Australia.

The iPhone 7 meantime starts at $649/£599/AU$1,079. Samsung Galaxy S8 costs a bit more than Apple’s flagship.

However, there’s only a 64GB version of the Galaxy S8, with regards to iPhone 7 starts with 32GB of storage. Therefore it is technically a much better entry-level value.

There’s no 64GB iPhone 7 model, but even the 128GB one is available in at $749/£699/AU$1,229, which is certainly comparable in the UK and still cheaper than the rumored S8 price in the US.

Conclusion: Would you choose iPhone 7 or Galaxy s8?

Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Apple iPhone 7; They both gonna be superb devices and telling which will be better is not really quite easy, but analyzing from the specs, Galaxy S8 definitely seems to be the better option. It really has better camera specs, RAM, size and much more to offer. However, there is no way that you’ll be able to go wrong in choosing either of the devices.

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