How to Move Data from Android to iPhone X/8/ 8Plus for Free

Apple has just unveiled three new iPhone models. As for many Android users, especially for those who have never used iPhone, some of them are considering to switch from Android to iPhone.

Compared with iPhone 8 series, iPhone x attracts more attention, because it is the 10th anniversary version of iPhone. Well, whether you also plan to have a try on the coming iPhone X/8/8 Plus or not? No matter which you’ll choose, if you want to switch from your Android to iPhone, then, you must need to copy some personal data from your Android phone to new iPhone, right? This article will be helpful, because it’s going to show you 2 methods on how to move data from Android to iPhone freely?

Traditional Way to Move from Android to iPhone

When it concerns to transfer data from Android to iPhone, the traditional method is use the transfer application named Move to iOS, which is developed by Apple to help users transfer data to iPhone from Android. If you have no idea on how to use Move to iOS app, then read on.

1) Conditions for Using Move to iOS App

Before using this app to send data to iPhone, you need to make sure some points:

  • Your Android phone is running on Android 4.0 or higher, your iPhone is running on iOS 9 and later. Actually, if you plan to get an iPhone 8/8 Plus or iPhone x, you don’t need to worry about your iPhone because it’s running the newest iOS 11.
  • You can freely move data from Android phone to iPhone, but if you want to move data from iPhone to Android, Move to iOS can’t make it.
  • It only works for transferring data from Android to a new or reset iPhone.
  • Currently, it supports transferring data contains contacts, camera photos and videos, messages, bookmarks, mail accounts.

2) Steps to Move from Android to iPhone with Move to iOS App 

Android to iPhone

  • Step 1. Download and install Move to iOS app on your Android phone, then connect your Android phone and iPhone to the same Wi-Fi. Meanwhile, make sure the Wi-Fi connection is well enough, and both your Android phone and iPhone are power enough.
  • Step 2. Set up your iPhone by following the setup process on your iPhone, get to the App & Data screen, then tap on Move Data from Android.
  • Step 3. Tap on Continue, once tap on Continue again.
  • Step 4. On your iPhone, you’ll see 10-digit code. Enter this code on your Android phone.
  • Step 5. On your Android phone, choose the data you want to transfer and tap on Next to start transferring data. If nothing else, it
  • Step 6. After the loading bar finishes on your iOS device, tap Done on your Android device. After transferring complete, then tap Continue Setting Up iPhone on your iOS device
Alternative to Move from Android to iPhone

The other method is using another data transfer application – AnyTrans. This is an iOS data transfer tool, which dedicates to help iOS users manage and transfer data in an easier way. The Move to iOS function of AnyTrans is also totally free. It supports transferring data what Move to iOS supports, but also supports other types of data that Move to iOS doesn’t support like music, ringtones, files, WhatsApp messages, call logs, settings, etc. Following are detailed steps.

  • Step 1. Download and install AnyTrans on your Mac or PC computer, open it and connect both your Android phone and iPhone to computer.
  • Step 2. Click on the Content to iOS.transfer data from android to iPhone
  • Step 3. Select iPhone as the target device.iPhone X data transfer
  • Step 4. Select the content you want to move, and click on the arrow button to start transferring data from Android to iPhone.iPhone 8 data transfer

Both these two transfer applications are easy to use. And, both of them are free for you, and support almost all Android devices and iPhones. If you get a new iPhone, you can use them to move data from your Android phone to your iPhone.


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