How to Recover Data from Damaged or Corrupted SD Card

Recovery of data from damaged or corrupted SD card is possible if right data recovery service is opted at right time, thereby preventing any chance of data loss due to overwriting or carelessness. The blog provides factors that you need to check prior to opting the data recovery service provider with the best SD card recovery services.

SD card like other storage medium are prone to failure. You can lose your precious data due to any means if precautionary measures to safeguard data is not implemented. There are chances stored files become inaccessible due to corrupt files system of the memory card or due to physical damage of the storage cells. As a precaution, stop using the memory card and do not format the card. Try the below method, to fix corrupted SD card issue.

Do-it-yourself method to recover data from corrupted SD card

  1. Plug the memory card inside a card reader and connect it to a PC
  2. Click start and type cmd on the search box to seek Command Prompt
  3. Right-click Command Prompt to open context menu, then choose Run as administrator
  4. On the command prompt, type chkdsk drive_letter: /f to fix errors on the disk

The above method possibly fix the corrupt SD card, and you could be able to access lost data. If data is not visible, then you can try a third party data recovery software. After performing the data recovery, format the SD card and restore the recovered data from the PC. In case your SD has physical damage, then go for the following fix.

Recover data from damaged SD card

If you happen to be the one who has lost data due to damaged SD card then getting the best data recovery service can rid of your pain of losing vital memory in the form of photos and videos (even vital documents, emails, and audio files). Choosing the right damaged SD card data recovery service turn out to be even more important.

How to Opt for the Right Data Recovery Service

Getting the right data recovery service for your defunct SD card is much more important than purchasing a new card. The point you must note here is that the new card is good for storing new data with new file system and no technical glitches, but the right data recovery service helps to recover lost or inaccessible data present in the damaged SD card. You need to look for the following factors to opt for the right SD card recovery service such as:

  1. Confidentiality: The recovered data is vulnerable to misuse; therefore, loyal and compliant data recovery service provider fulfils the need of users with utmost privacy of data.
  2. Compliance: This ensures all the procedures and controls are present and proactively implemented to safeguard data during the recovery process.
  3. Support: This is needed to have a transparent communication process during the stages of recovery: diagnosis, recovery, and delivery.
  4. No recovery no charge policy: This ascertains peace of mind to the service seekers as in rare case data cannot be recovered from the SD card due to overwriting the customer won’t be charged for the same.
  5. Free pickup and drop service: This service makes sure even the rarest of customers who express inability to visit the center and avail data recovery service are nullified.
  6. Versatility: This assures the SD card once sent to the service provider is recovered almost cent per cent of the time due to complete coverage of diverse data loss cases, mediums, and severity.
  7. Innovativeness: This guarantees that service seekers won’t end up opting another provider due to inability to upgrade, incorporate, or use latest data recovery breakthroughs; proper R&D team is a must to be at par with the technological innovations.
  8. Advanced infrastructure: This assures no data is lost due to improper handling of the storage medium, loss of data due to electrical or magnetic field, physical damage due to environmental unsuitableness, etc.; class 100 clean room controlled environment is essential to rid of any interference.

If you value your data more than the price you pay for data recovery then you must opt for the right data recovery service. One such service provider that provides aforementioned optimum service is Stellar Data Recovery. The provider has all the requisite favorable factors to make it a right choice to recover corrupted SD card data.


Losing data from SD card due to corruption or damage is not new. But recovering data from the right service provider is something that needs to be pondered about. Considering the factors for the right service guarantees data is recovered without any hassle and with utmost privacy. Relying on the best data recovery service provider such as Stellar Data Recovery is an intelligent move to recover deleted files from SD card.


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