How to Delete All of Your Tweets

Would you like to start anew on Twitter without losing your supporters or username? Deleting all your tweets could be the solution.

There are many reasons you might want to begin with an empty slate on Twitter.But, whatever the reason, we’re not here to evaluate. We’re simply here to assist.

Disclaimer: granting these apps use of your Twitter account is performed at the own risk, though we’ve tested all of them.

Before we start: for those who have under 3200 tweets that you would like to delete, things can be really simple. For those who have over the dpi, things obtain a little trickier.

Exactly what does Twitter store?

Although it’s generally believed that you could only access the newest 3200 of the tweets, this isn’t entirely true. Twitter limits the amount of tweets that may show up on your timeline. However in 2014, Twitter opened up in the floodgates, and permitted all tweets to become searchable.

Keep in mind that tweet you sent 5 years ago telling the planet you had been high like a kite? People can continue to discover that, despite the fact that Twitter doesn’t allow third-party apps to look past your newest 3200 tweets.

What goes on with a deleted Tweet?

Whenever you bulk delete tweets, it will take some time to show in your feed. It is because there’s a restriction to the amount of demands all these apps can send to Twitter each hour. If you’re deleting several 1000 tweets, then, this could take time. It’s sure much better than doing the work by hand, though.

Deleting a tweet
Deleting a tweet

With regards to deleting tweets, based on Twitter:

Whenever you delete a Tweet, it’s removed from your bank account, the timeline associated with an account you follow, as well as Twitter search engine results.

Retweets from the deleted Tweet may also be deleted.

If other users have quoted your Tweet (i.e. copied and pasted part or all your text to their own Tweet) their Tweets won’t be removed.

If other users have Retweeted your Tweet having a comment that belongs to them, their Tweets won’t be removed.

Tweets might be cached or mix-published on third-party websites, applications, or search engines like google. We can’t remove Tweets that aren’t on Twitter.

Saving your old Tweets

When you undergo with deleting tweets, there isn’t no returning. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

However if you simply obtain that niggling feeling which you may just miss something about the subject, Twitter does permit you to download your Twitter archive. These files contain every tweet or retweet you sent.

To download your archive, click your profile picture, settings, your Twitter Data. Scroll to the foot of the page. Click Twitter Archive. Browse the different choices carefully, so when you’re ready click Request Your Archive.


You’ll (eventually) get an email that contains a hyperlink from where one can download b .squat of the archive. Within that .zip folder you’ll have the ability to access your archive in JSON or CSV. Open the .html fie and you’ll have the ability to search your whole archive offline, inside a Twitter-like UX (see above).

Deleting Tweets before a particular date

If wiping the slate completely clean is one thing you’re not very confident about, deleting all tweets before a particular date is really a reasonable compromise. Tweet Eraser is a superb tool with this.

Tweet Eraser
Tweet Eraser

Once you’ve signed into Tweet Eraser, you are able to filter your tweets according to date, keyword, and hashtags. After that you can select individual tweets to delete, or select all individuals in your search parameters with a single click. Have patience, it will take some time.

Because of API limits, this only works which are more recent 3200 tweets.

Delete Tweets more than a year old

TweetDelete is really a free tool that instantly deletes tweets which are more than a certain age.


The present choices are to delete individuals over:

  • One week old
  • Two days old
  • One month old
  • Two months old
  • Six months old
  • One Year Old

Again, because of Twitter’s limitations, this really is only possible which more recent 3200 tweets are. The script runs periodically (usually every few days). It locates new tweets which have joined the date period you place, and deletes these instantly. There’s not a way of retrieving these deleted tweets.

Deleting all your Tweets

Should you choose opt full-scale, and delete every tweet you’ve ever sent, there’s two tools I’d recommend: TwitWipe and Twitter Archive Eraser.

For those who have fewer than 3200 tweets, TwitWipe is really a free, simple tool to make use of.


For those who have greater than 3200 tweets, the disposable and Free Twitter Archive Eraser (TAE) may be the tool you’re searching for. Regrettably, this only works best for Home windows. I’ve not found an identical solution for Mac or Linux. Knowing of one, please share this within the comments.

TEA works using the Twitter Archive you downloaded earlier. In this particular archive may be the tweet ID for any tweets. This enables TEA to locate all individuals’ tweets with no limitations the other apps face.

Essentially, you are able to delete as much as you want by using these instructions regarding how to download and employ this program.

Keeping the account clean

Once you’ve cleared up your Twitter account, it’s smart to ensure that it stays this way. As pointed out, using TweetDelete is an excellent method to instantly delete old tweets. Xpire is yet another tool that you ought to also use.

Xpire is really a free android and ios application that we’ve reviewed before. Its primary features are: enabling you to easily delete certain tweets, and also to set individual tweets (and Facebook posts) to “self-destruct” later.

Straight from your phone, you can preserve your recently purged Twitter feed spick and span.

Are you purging your account?

Twitter will have an eye on these deleted tweets in situation they have to produce them for legislative purposes. But by deleting many, if not completely, of the past tweets, you need to do stop them from being searchable to everyone and prying employers, and journalists.

So, understanding that all your past tweets are searchable; will you be enticed to wipe the slate neat and start again? Could this protect you from a “PR Disaster” later on? Or perhaps is presuming that individuals worry about your old tweets simply vanity? Inform us your ideas!

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