How to convert PDF to SVG free online

PDF is the trendiest choice for storing information and exchanging documents. But in some situations, it is necessary to convert PDFs to SVG images. Below are a few examples.

  • Scale graphic to any size without losing quality when editing image because SVG as a vector format does not compromise between definition and size.
  • To preserve vector graphic of PDF when inserting a PDF file into Microsoft Office Word.
  • Create a web animation as SVG supports different animation styles.

Adobe Illustrator is a common tool to export PDF to SVG and the process is easy peasy lemon squeezy. But the thing is you must dish out $29.99 per month. That’s why today I want to show you an online PDF converter to convert PDF to SVG free: PDFConvertFree.

Overview of PDFConvertFree

PDFConvertFree is an all-in-one web application designed to manipulate your PDFs without efforts. Let’s walk through its features shown as below.


  • Convert PDF to a wide range of formats including DOCX, PPTX, XLSX, image (JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF), SVG, EPUB, TXT.
  • Create PDF from Word, Image, EPUB or LaTeX.
  • Merge multiple PDF files into a single one.
  • Extract each page as one separated PDF or a certain range of pages into a new PDF.
  • Rotate PDF pages with 90/180/270 degrees.
  • Protect your PDF from unauthorized access by encrypting PDF with user password.
  • Reduce the size of your PDF to make it smaller.
  • Turn your color PDF to black and white.
  • Batch processing is supported.
  • The intuitive user interface makes itself easily handled by both novices and professionals.
  • No virus is guaranteed. It is very safe to utilize this PDF conversion service.

To change PDF to SVG, only four steps are required. There is no need for signing up or providing email address. You are allowed to upload up to five PDF files and convert them all together at one go. No worry about your privacy since all uploaded files will be erased from the server within 15 minutes.

How to convert PDF files into SVG images using PDFConvertFree

Step 1.

  • Type in www.pdfconvertfree.com in your web browser and you will be taken to the site.

Step 2.

  • On the webpage, many tabs for different conversions appear in the user interface. Hit the “More” button and choose “PDF to SVG” in the drop-down menu,

Step 3.

  • Browse for the PDFs you want to convert to SVG files on your disk. Open them through the file browser.
  • Or directly drag and drop selected PDF files onto the target area.
  • As mentioned previously, you can add up to 5 PDFs to the task list in a batch.
  • If there are unwanted items in the file queue, you can click on the “Remove file” button under each item to remove the file. If you want to clear the file queue, just click on the red “Remove all” button.

Step 4.

  • When you are all set to start the conversion, simply press the “Upload and Convert” button. The process to upload PDFs and convert them to SVG format will begin immediately.
  • You can expect the conversion completes in just a few seconds. When it is done, a download link will be obtained.
  • Click on that download link and your converted SVG files grouped in a ZIP archive will be automatically saved to your computer.

Tests have pointed out that the layout in output SVG are well kept and no words are changed during the conversion.


As you can see, using PDFConvertFree to convert PDF to SVG is as easy as a piece of cake. More importantly, this web-based service does not cost you a dime. In comparison with those expensive desktop PDF converting software products, obviously, PDFConvertFree is a way better solution. What I want to highlight is that apart from performing PDF to SVG conversion, PDFConvertFree also does a good job of carrying out other tasks. I really would like to hear what you think about it. Give PDFConvertFree a try and share me with your opinions about it in the comment section below.

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