How to Block YouTube Ads on Android Without Using Xposed

How to Block YouTube Ads on Android?Basic root ad-blockers like AdAway and AdBlock Plus don’t have any impact on YouTube any longer. So far, should you desired to eliminate the ads that play before your preferred videos, there’ve only been two ways:either by having to pay for any YouTube Red subscription, or with an Xposed module to change the YouTube application itself and pressure it into not showing ads.

But Xposed is not a choice for everybody. Some phones have locked bootloaders, meaning no TWRP with no Xposed Framework. After which there’s the truth that Xposed breaks Android Pay and other alike services, that is a deal breaker for several people.

But developer Arter97 has finally found a better way for this. He modified the stock YouTube application itself not to show ads, that is essentially what Xposed would do, but bundled into one package. Ultimately, which means you just have root to close ads in Android’s YouTube application, and it is a reasonably simple process.



  • Rooted Android device
  • Root-enabled file browser


Step One: Find out Your DPI & Processor Type

The ad-free YouTube APK is available in a number of different variants which are device-specific. As a result, you will need to know your phone or tablet’s processor type and Dots per inch value before you decide to download the application. If you are unsure regarding your Dots per inch, you can observe the DPI by having an application known as Dots per inch Checker, that is pretty straightforward.

Then, to get your processor type, you should use an application known as Android Hardware Information.


Step Two: Download the best APK for the Device

Now you know your DPI value and processor type, download the ad-free YouTube APK for the particular deviceĀ from the developer’s website


Step Three: Eliminate that old YouTube Application

Next, you will need to eliminate the stock YouTube application to be able to install the modified version. To achieve that, I’d suggest using Titanium Backup.

So mind towards the Backup/Restore menu in Titanium Backup, then choose the YouTube application in the list. If you wish to be safe and sound, you are able to tap the “Backup!” button around the pop up-but to get rid of the application, just tap the red “Uninstall!” button. After that, confirm your decision around the pop up, then you will anticipate to install the ad-free form of YouTube.

Step Four: Make a brand new ‘YouTube’ Folder in your System Partition

Next, open your preferred file browser and mind towards the /system/application folder around the root partition of the device. At this point, make a new folder, and name it “YouTube” .

From this point, lengthy-press the folder you simply made, then choose “Permissions” in the menu. Next, set the “Owner” category to see, Write, and Execute, then set other groups to simply Read and Execute. Or, in case your file browser is capable of doing entering octal permission figures, just set the value to 0755.

Step Five: Duplicate the APK into New Folder & Reboot

After that, mind towards the Download folder in your Sdcard or internal storage, where you will find the ad-free YouTube APK that you simply downloaded in Step Two. Came from here, just copy the APK, then mind into towards the YouTube folder you simply made, and paste the file directly in here. When you are done, simply reboot your phone so the changes will require effect.

Ā Step Six: Have fun with Ad-Free YouTube Videos

When you are getting support, you can keep while using YouTube application while you would, however with one primary difference: All the ads will go away. The only real disadvantage to this process is you can’t update the application with the Google Play Store, but all you will need to do later on is simply mind towards the developer’s website, carry the new edition, then switch the APK for the reason that /system/application/YouTube folder using the newer file.

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