how to get app featured on the app store

How to Get App Featured on App Store

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Features are the most important. But how can you have them?

There are other than 1,600 apps being posted towards the iTunes App Store daily. Yes, that is correct: daily.

It’s not very surprising. App stores are, in the end, the department stores from the technological world. And when Apple’s App Store is really a mall, it’s an enormous one: one that’s the only real mall for those vast sums of iOS users on the planet. Unless your iPhone is jailbreaked, the App Store may be the only distribution platform for just about any apps that will focus on your phone.

So, to ensure that an app to really make it, it must stick out. And Apple has a means of ensuring apps can stick out: app store features. If the app store is really a mall, then your feature may be the giant billboard within the mall entrance. Getting the app onto the first page in the App Store, whether in the full visual banner or possibly a mention, is vital to success.

However, because of so many other apps jostling for that top spots, which may be difficult. But it’s not possible, and it is possible to provide your application a much better shot at individuals coveted feature spots. In this post, we’ll share 21 methods for getting your apps featured on the App Store.

1. Know how the Application Store works

To obtain your application selected like a feature, it’s useful to understand how apps get selected as features. Because it’s dirty by a few complicated algorithm – they’re really hands-selected.

Michael Ehrenberg, an old App Store marketing manager, shared how the procedure works in the Mobile Gaming USA conference. To higher serve different countries, Apple really has 155 app stores, each having a local editorial team. Ehrenberg described that, every week, the neighborhood app store editors determine the best – and most relevant – apps for his or her specific users. By getting humans pick the apps, Apple helps to ensure that the featured apps would be the ones probably to attract local users.

While you start crafting an approach to get the app featured, bare this process in your mind. It doesn’t matter how awesome your app is that if the editorial team doesn’t think it’ll talk to local users, it’s not really selected.

2. Develop a high-quality application

This time appears just a little apparent, but we’re likely to express it anyway: make certain your app is really good. Recall the mall example. Apple has produced the App Store in order that it sell things – specifically, great products for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch users. Plus they don’t want low-quality stuff within their mall. To earn Apple’s trust – and to have their seal of approval – make your app great. For those who have some popular product features, determine steps to make them better still. And make certain you’ve eliminated as numerous bugs as you possibly can.

3. Create your application like Apple

Apple has distinguished itself for several reasons. And one of these is certainly design. Just consider the gorgeous minimalism from the Apple Watch, brought by Jony Ive, and also the small bits and pixels of iOS interface.

Apple really wants to advertise apps that suit their aesthetic. So, they’re likely to favor apps which prioritize smart, clean design.

To make certain your application meets their standards, browse the iOS Human Interface Guidelines.

4. Build for iOS only

Should you construct your application exclusively for iOS devices – or, a minimum of, launch the iOS version first – it’s a powerful method of showing that you’re faithful to Apple. (Take that, Android!) And, whenever you show some support for Apple, Apple is more prone to give you support.

5. Help make your application universal

There are more methods to show that you’re focused on Apple. For just one, make certain your application works best for all iOS products: iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. Universal apps align more carefully with Apple’s business design, and therefore are therefore another signal that you’re attempting to develop a good relationship.

Unsure steps to make your application universal? Read this guide, from AppCoda, to learn to get began.

6. Use Apple’s extra features

Suitable for Apple’s appearance? Check. Compatible with Apple’s products? Check. Suitable for Apple’s online marketing strategy?

Wait. That’s another area that you can stick out. Possess some of Apple’s most advanced technology to your app, and you’ve got a much better chance of being featured. When Apple wanted to demonstrate the brand new Apple Pencil only at that year’s Worldwide Developers Conference, they used an application: Paper, produced by FiftyThree.

And, at this time, there’s certainly some low-hanging fruit: 3D touch. Integrate that to your app, and you’re boosting your chances for any front-page place.

7. Localize your application

“Wait,” you may be thinking. “Why would making my app more niche be what will get me featured to some wider audience?” The key is based on Apple’s model.

Once we pointed out earlier, you will find 155 app stores on the planet. Sure, getting featured in the US-version of the App Store is fairly huge. However the other iTunes app stores also attract wide audiences. And, since each local app store team is continually searching to find the best apps for his or her local users, they’re more prone to choose ones within the native language. In case your app is localized, it’s going to provide you with an enormous advantage. Actually, lots of non-British app stores actually have a special section focused on awesome apps obtainable in their language.

There are many success tales. Steven Zhao, Chief executive officer and founding father of Blue Tea Games, localized their card strategy game Mavenfall, and released the sport globally. Mavenfall immediately got Apple’s featured as well as New Games across 120 countries, with Editorial Feature in Hong Kong and Taiwan. He commented around the success, “Localization is a vital step for just about any game searching to develop beyond its national borders, and achieve a worldwide audience. It certainly explains why Apple featured us.”

8. Update frequently

Henry Kang, the founder and Chief executive officer of favor application StyleIt, told Business Insider inside a blog publish by what it’s like to obtain an app featured. As they acknowledged that luck belongs to the choice process, also, he noted that “constantly updating your products to include additional features most likely helps.” Why? Listed here are the 3 primary reasons:

  • You enhance your ratings. Business Insider discovered that, in 2013-14, apps that earned above-average ratings had no less than nine updates each year. And there’s no doubt that Apple considers user ratings if this chooses its features.
  • The update itself can enable you to get an element. Apple includes a “Best New Updates” section, where it features games which have really upped the awesomeness using their latest updates.
9. Have periodic updates

On gift-giving holidays, people get new devices. And, when individuals get new devices, they need newly discovered apps.

So, it’s no real surprise that getaways really are a bonanza for application downloads. Actually, Flurry implies that Xmas Day chalks in the greatest quantity of application download for any 24-hour period. And app store enter into the festive spirit too: many create new, holiday-specific feature groups. Looking to get onto these lists ought to be a no-brainer. Produce periodic content, or dress your game track of a vacation theme. So we don’t just mean Christmas! Remember Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, Easter time, etc.

10… for holidays all over the world!

Actually, don’t even stay with American holidays. Remember there are application stores around the globe. A Thanksgiving theme could easily get you some attention within the USA. But, around the same time frame, don’t forget that China is celebrating the Mid-Fall Festival with moon cakes. Target specialized markets by regional festivals – and you simply might end with a feature.

11. Optimize your application store listing

We keep speaking about having your app featured, but that’s really a way to a finish. What you – and Apple – really want is perfect for more and more people to purchase apps.

So, let’s say you receive featured (nice!). People hurry for your app listing, plus they look for a horrible, disorganized page. They’re not likely to click on the “get” button, and Apple is aware of this. To be able to earn Apple’s attention – and keep it – you’re going to need to improve your listing page. Optimize your description, attach some nice screenshots, and employ your promo wisely (see next tip). Help make your app listing is one that Apple would gladly promote.

Generally, App Store Optimization (ASO) has become a huge part from the game. Read this blog publish to find out more.

12. Show an Apple device inside your promo

It’s really quite simple. Apple likes individuals who like Apple. Show your ex within the promo video, by featuring your application with an Apple device. It is really an especially good tactic in case your application supports Apple’s latest technology – and you are able to show it.

13. Purchase PR

An element place can lead to media coverage?-or, attention can lead to an element. Try to obtain your application pointed out in a few of the tech blogs that Apple editors follow: TechCrunch, Mashable, or, for non-US editors, regional tech blogs. When they like the things they read, they’re more prone to search for your app within the crowd from the submissions.

14. Highlight where your application is created (for non-US developers)

Residents like to support local apps. So we don’t just mean those within their native language – people like to hear that the certain app was created by a place native, or first conceptualized inside a nearby city. Apple editors know about this inclination, plus they frequently build features around it. For instance, the Hong Kong App Store curates a “Made in Hong Kong” section which includes a large number of popular, in your area-founded apps, for example GoGoVan, OpenRice, and 9GAG.

So, if you’re a non-American developer, don’t hide your origins highlight them. Achieve to local tech media (see previous tip), and let them know with regards to you.

15. Make a relationship with Apple

People are the type selecting the characteristics. So make buddies together.

Or, at least, with someone at Apple. Every company comes with an organs and circulatory system for discussing understanding, and buddies at Apple – even if they’re and not the ones directly selecting features – can help you out. If they are acquainted with your organization, they might consider your products in the right moment, and provide you with a shout-out: “Oh, that one is created by my friend. Awesome stuff.”

However, to create buddies, you really need to meet people. That is one little tricky, but here exist several methods for you to develop a relationship:

  • Send a dev to Cupertino. That one is fairly extreme. But when it’s possible, it may be worth a go: the dev may then attend local occasions organized by Apple, or work close to the company’s headquarters. Some way, they’ll finish up meeting a couple of Apple employees.
  • Connect via social networking. It’s a great deal simpler than mix-country (or worldwide) travel: visit LinkedIn and check ‘’app store manager’’ Once you’ve filtered by location, you’ll have the ability to see those who are accountable for your target app stores. Interact with them via LinkedIn, or try to have their emails through Rapportive or FullContact.
16. Pitch to Apple

We’ve skipped an apparent one: ask Apple directly. You are able to send them an email at or

Here’re some suggestions for the pitch email:

  • They get many of these emails. Keep yours short.
  • To stick out, incorporate a great (but brief!) story regarding your app.
  • Or fasten a video of the app for action.
  • Make sure to highlight any Apple-specific features.
  • Request any feedback they may have regarding your app.
17. Release your application on the Tuesday or Wednesday

No, it’s not due to hump day. App store publish new curated lists every Thursday. Should you release your app before then, it won’t have enough time to obtain hidden within the pile. A Friday release means you need to wait almost per week, and also you risk disappearing one of the thousands that will be before they choose again.

18. Keep the ratings & downloads up

Apple views lots of performance metrics when selecting app for features. Unsurprisingly, user rating is one. Appbot discovered that over 1 / 2 of featured app have high user ratings – 4.5 or greater. So manage your user ratings inside a very good condition.

We all know you need to get featured to be able to have more downloads. But, regrettably, another metric that Apple examines is downloads. So, get some downloads in the beginning – and then you’ll get much more downloads.

19. Follow Apple to obtain inspired

Apple is extremely open regarding their selections. So, follow Apple on Twitter to remain up-to-date around the latest curation strategies. (The organization provides extensive different Twitters, but we advise @AppStore and @AppStoreGames.)

20. Attract a distinct segment audience

Apple frequently curates for particular topics. So, if you’re able to nail a distinct segment subject superbly, it’s going to actually are on top of a list when they’re creating a relevant feature.

Erick Garayblas is really a game maker in the Philippines that has become two games featured. He recommends concentrating on compensated apps, instead of attempting to stick out within the overcrowded realm of free apps. And there are plenty of the ways to produce a lucrative application store niche read this publish for ideas and tales.

21. Don’t get featured too soon

It’s likely to seem pretty counterproductive. Because the easiest method to get featured within the Application Store isn’t to obtain featured – at least, not very early.

Why? If you’re featured in early stages, your products may not really be mature enough to help keep users interested. You’re most likely beginning by having an MVP, which isn’t comprehensive. Bugs are most likely hiding inside numerous your physical features. Instead of attempting to attract a sizable audience right from the start, it’s much better to begin with a little number of users – preferably, personal contacts or loyal users. This way, you can acquire a manageable and directed quantity of feedback that can be used to create your application better.

When you get the feature-based fame – and all of the downloads – right at the start, you’re likely to be at a loss for user feedback. You’re also likely to lose users who aren’t patient enough to stay together with your application throughout this growing period. And, once users have left, they’re not going to return.

So, don’t start lobbying for any feature right at the start. Rather, iterate your products having a small batch of users, and strive for the feature once you’ve produced Awesome Game 2.0


First, congratulations! Now, get going. Complete the shape as quickly as possible, and supply great visuals for that feature banner. Allow it to be pretty simple to allow them to get the application around the primary screen. And, internally, get ready for the boost this feature will certainly bring. Keep an eye on your download stats anticipate to react to feedback as rapidly as you possibly can. Try everything to make certain you’re centered on retaining you in the boost.

Now you be aware of quickest shortcuts for you to get your application featured, go on and try it out!

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