Chinese Apple Employees Caught Selling User Data

apple user data

An announcement from Chinese government organization has said that 22 individuals have been arrested with regards to breaches of individuals’ personal data. The private data was allegedly offered inside a massive scam worth 50 plus million Yuan (over $7 million or almost £6 million).

From the 22 arrested, 20 were utilized by Apple and apparently exploited the company’s internal network to secure then sell the sensitive data. These details incorporated names, Apple IDs, phone figures and much more and would cost between 10 to 180 Yuan (around $2 – $25) a bit.

This specific kind of illegal trade is commonplace in China, where personal user information can be bought without getting to leap through a lot of hoops. An analysis through the Chinese newspaper, the Southern Metropolis Daily discovered this whenever a reporter purchased some sensitive info on a friend, including current address and also the cafes he’d lately visited.

The analysis lasted for several weeks and involved local police from over four Chinese provinces, including Zhejiang, Fujian, Jiangsu and Guangdong yet it’s not obvious at this time if the users affected were local Chinese residents or maybe worldwide clients are compromised.

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