how to check uber rating

Two Ways to Check Your Uber Rating


how to check my uber ratingNot only you can rate your drivers but also the drivers could rate you. When you get a poor rating, it might prevent you from getting taxis ride whenever you most require it.

This is exactly why it is good to check on your Uber rating and make certain you can preserve while using application easily without getting denied rides later on.

Uber has lately altered the best way to check your rating and the good thing is it is much simpler to complete. Uber initially limited checking your rating to some service available over email, it was incorporated within the application but stashed, and today the correct answer is obvious when you are signed in.

How you can check Uber rating

Whether you are while using Uber application on Android or iOS, the procedure to check on your Uber rating is identical.

The initial step would be to open the application in your phone and be sure you are signed along with the account you need to check.

When it is loaded, you will want to go into the primary Uber menu. You will find three lines of horizontal type within the top left corner and tapping these can open the primary menu from the application.

Underneath your company name you will see your Uber score. It ought to be several from five having a star sitting alongside it – if you are unhappy together with your rating, that’s something you will need to straighten out later on.

A different way to check your Uber rating

If you do not discover the method above matches your needs, you are also in a position to check your rating around the official Uber website.

Mind for this link here and you can register to Uber’s website, where one can press ‘Submit’ at the end from the page and it’ll instantly display your Uber rating.

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