Optimization Tips to Boost your Mobile App’s Playstore Ranking

According to a recent survey Android users were able to access an approximately 2.8 million apps from the playstore with apple being secondary at around 2.2 million. In such a scenario the visibility of your app on the playstore can depend on various reasons.

Like SEO methods for websites, there are certain tactics that apply in the field of app store to get better search optimization. Being one of the top mobile app development companies BrainMobi has had lots of experiences this subtle but nevertheless crucial element surrounding android and iOS apps. Let us check out a few:

Keyword Research:

Besides doing an extensive research of popular keywords care should be taken what keywords you are associating with your mobile app as well. Besides keywords, the name and title of your Mobile apps is also a factor in boosting visibility. Here are a few factors to keep in mind in this field:

  • Try to keep short keywords and probably less than 100 words
  • Keep your app title shorter and descriptive at the same time
  • Use trending topics as Keywords
  • Be unique and a little less generic in order to be a stand out
  • Make sure your app is affiliated to use trademark or protected names
  • If possible, integrate the keyword with the title

Keep an Organized App Description:

Besides assisting in keyword research the app description actually gives a good first hand impression about the app. Besides giving a smooth introduction of your app it is also important to list some good case studies, features and updates. Any bugs or glitches addressed within the app should be addressed too as it gives a serious impression and lets the audience know that the developers behind the app are serious behind it.

Properly Categorize Your App:

On many occasions users are expecting an app better than their target searches. With so many diverse choices the perfect app is found after an extensive search on the playstore. Such sharp results are attributed to good descriptions, proper keywords and correct categorizing.

After description the screenshot of your apps is what decides if people will swipe to check the next images. Even with a good description a screenshot with no appeal shall cause a rejection. You uploaded screenshot should display the best feature or factor of your app and should be compelling enough to at least prompt the user to put it in his wishlist. This also applies to the thumbnail the precedes the app video.


A majority of app store users and smartphone users have non english interfaces. The keyword methods and description exercises should be revisited for languages of every demographic you are intending to hit.

Master the Art of in App Communication:

So that you can ask for ratings and reviews from your user in the most humblest of timings. Responding to user comments and showing constructive reception has proved to encourage downloads. Incorporated changes help increase rating and helps you build a good customer relationship profile.

All of these factors are necessary to put into thought in the conceptualizing phase itself as it helps you fix subtle things about your app. Here at BrainMobi they shall not keep shy from sharing any such minute tactics which shall come handy in your mobile app dreams. If you have an idea for a mobile app feel free to write to them at sales@brainmobi.com .

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