Best Instant Messaging Apps for Android

Best Instant Messenger Apps for Android 2017

Gradually but surely, society is leaving SMS and MMS because the default method to text people. It began years back with apps like AOL Instant Messenger and it has become an array of options that work very well. Which messenger apps are the most useful? Within this list, we’ll explore the very best messenger apps for Android.

Best all-around messaging app: WhatsApp


Although WhatsApp doesn’t have a similar feature-wealthy content as most of the other apps of this list, WhatsApp can’t be beaten for simplicity, reliability, and also the amount of contacts utilizing it. It’s likely that, knowing someone having a smartphone, they’ve got WhatsApp.

WhatsApp uses your current contacts’ phone numbers, which means you don’t have to add contacts by hand. You are able to send written messages, stickers, emojis and media, in addition to broadcast and group messages.

WhatsApp also enables you to definitely make free calls for your contacts and you could make Google Drive backups of the chats, too.

Best instant messenger app for expanding your network: WeChat

wechat android

You will find couple of choices for expanding your network. You could attempt Meetups but individuals are suitable for specific venues. Social networking sites like Facebook and Linkedin particularly forbid adding contacts you do not know personally. You will find dating apps but individuals are suitable for, well, dating.

WeChat works like other messenger apps, actually it really works very well. The large difference is it attempts to expand your network with potential contacts which are nearby. You just need to shake your phone and you can hire a company on WeChat who’s also searching for any new friend. After that you can add them or not.

You should use the ‘Friend Radar’ to locate buddies who’re nearby so that you can encounter them. If you do this just a little ‘radar’ appears around the application and looks for buddies inside your vicinity. Once you discover them in your radar you are able to talk to them and propose a gathering.

Best instant messenger app for connecting with celebrities: KakaoTalk


KakaoTalk is simple to use but has numerous complex features. You’ve fundamental functions that perform very well and therefore are fairly simple. But if you wish to have more from individual’s features, you are able to rapidly dig in and discover other uses of them.

There’s a sizable network using the feature ‘Plus Friends’ on KakaoTalk. This selection enables you to definitely interact with people outdoors of the immediate network. This can be everyday messengers in your town who’re discussing content or might be bands, celebrities, companies, etc.

Whenever you give a friend through ‘Plus Friends’ you’re able to see their feed where they are able to share content. You can observe what your preferred band does and discover exclusive releases from their store. If you are lucky, you may also chat 1-on-1 having a celebrity. There is a button with this alongside their name. Try it out, you never know, they may respond.

Best instant messenger app for contacts volume: Facebook Messenger

facebook messenger

Facebook’s official instant messenger application has lately occurred to generate a faster, cleaner service and interface. It’s similar to WhatsApp (much like the majority of the apps about this list), but Messenger instantly connects to all your Facebook contacts, which makes it probably the most convenient messaging apps, if little else.

A current update is you can also message non-Facebook buddies using telephone number. Messenger enables you to definitely access all your Facebook messages without needing the primary application or website. Additionally, it has stickers and emojis, groups, voice tracks, location data, free calls, photo discussing and much more.

Best instant messenger app for video calls: Skype

 skype android

The granddaddy of video calls, Skype has existed for forever and it is still kicking strong. Skype is mainly employed for calls; however the IM component is equally as helpful. Actually, it’s used by us as our primary communication tool at AndroidPIT.

Skype requires Skype IDs, so you’ll only have the ability to add buddies knowing their Skype contact name. But when you need to do, you are able to send messages when you want, free of charge, in addition to make video calls. You may also add Skype credit making cheap worldwide calls to landlines and cell phones.

The chat section offers group chat, media discussing, emoji and much more. Plus you could have one account on several devices (something which WhatsApp doesn’t allow).

Best instant messenger app for secure messaging: Telegram

telegram android

Speed and security are the specific game for Telegram. The app provides encrypted mix-platform messaging and it is totally free.

Founder Nikolai Durov mentioned he attempted to design a messenger that may’t be utilized by Russian security agencies. As he offered a prize peopleDollar200,000 to anybody who could crack the app’s file encryption protocol, nobody managed it.

If you prefer a fast, free and secure messenger, Telegram comes highly suggested.

Best instant messenger app for exclusive features: Dasher

 dasher android

Dasher is striving to boost the messenger market by using some pretty awesome and weird features. It enables you to definitely share GIFs and play YouTube videos directly within the chat window and you will find wealthy URL previews: features that WhatsApp is just beginning to meet up with.

Certainly one of Dasher’s most unusual additions is having the ability to share cash with your buddies using Venmo, something which not one other messenger provides – helpful when you are lying during sex remembering the way your friend bundled you right into a taxi yesterday.

Best instant messenger app for networking: Tango

Tango Messenger Android

It requires two to Tango, but there are many in addition to that while using service. Tango does much identical to the rest: instant messenger, media discussing, stickers, group chat, video calling, group chat, etc., it has a lot of extras. It lately experienced an entire overhaul and today hosts a news feed as well as dedicated news channels that you should follow.

Tango will instantly find your buddies according to your address book, but they ought to be while using service to appear (or invite them). Furthermore, Tango may be used to place calls, find like-minded buddies or people nearby while using service, which adds a little more social media towards the mix than another providers. The mid-call small-games also aid Tango stick out in the rest.

Best instant messenger app for SMS: Google Hangouts


Google setup Hangouts because the standard (but interchangeable) messaging application in Android 4.4 KitKat, and due to this it selected up much more users. Hangouts is really a combined SMS and IM application, that separates the two kinds of messages, but may be used to instantly place voice calls and video calls out of your phone via Hangouts instead of traditional carriers.

Since it handles both SMS and IM, it cuts lower on the amount of apps you have to be dealing with, and it is video calling quality is perhaps much better than Skype’s. Additionally, Hangouts integrates with Google in exactly the same that Facebook Messenger interacts with Facebook, meaning contacts added through the social networking could be known as or messaged within the separate application. Be cautious whom you interact with if you are an especially private person.

Best instant messenger app for sticker enthusiasts: Viber

Viber Android

Viber is actually pushing the sticker market, where one can get a lot of free and compensated sticker packs, however the core business of Viber is messages. You may also send recorded voice messages like WhatsApp (although not video calls like Skype) and also you now can call any telephone number anywhere with Viber Out – similar to adding Skype credit to individuals who aren’t around the service.

Best up-and-coming messaging app: Line

 line android

Lines are becoming a lot more popular, and even for good reason. Using the lately added video calling functionality, it’s now as fully featured as Skype, but includes a more youthful, sexier feel into it compared to attempted and true Skype. It’s jam filled with stickers along with other fun stuff, and it is hugely popular throughout large japan. But it’s also boast-full of group chats, multi-platform abilities (phone, tablet, PC), timeline, recorded voice messages, media discussing and far, a lot more, including official account messages from celebrities you want. Line is like Twitter, Facebook and Skype all folded into one.

Best instant messenger app for work: BBM


Following a substantial waiting period, BlackBerry’s messaging service finally went to the Android platform this past year. BBM isn’t as Androidy as all of those other apps about this list, however it has some very awesome features including: always-on service (you don’t have to open the app for doing things), timed and retracting messages, two-way opt-in (nobody can message you before you particularly permit them), delivery reporting, groups, emoticons, broadcast messages and much more. The opportunity to choose who are able to message you, instead of it being offered to anybody together with your number, makes this a beautiful messaging option.

Best instant messenger app for gamers: Razer Comms

razer comms android

Though Razer Comms is an excellent instant messenger on its own, it’s first of all noted for its recognition within the gaming community. By having an associated PC version too, Razer Comms enables for you to group conversations, free Voice over internet protocol chat, also it causes it to be fast and simple for connecting along with other gamers all over the world. Consider it as being Xfire for that smartphone era.

Best instant messenger app for kicks: kik

KIK messaging apps android

“185 million people like Kik!” States its Play Store description, showing there’s more to messaging than simply WhatsApp. Kik is a touch more playful than the kind of WhatsApp, with increased color and sticker options. Kik also houses its very own built-in browser, to create video and image discussing between buddies simple. It is a fast growing and friendly messenger with users throughout the world. Try it out.

So, how do you think? Which is the best messenger app for Android in your opinion? Tell us within the comments.

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